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We have tried and found problems with many products.  Our Director has been working on setting our organization up so that as we grow, we will not have to upgrade systems.  Everything we recommend allows for growth.  We hope you find this information helpful.  It took us a long time to get it right!  TLC receives no commissions for our referrals.  We are just sharing information.  If you would like to share something you have discovered, please email dsellens@texaslittercontrol.org.

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Automation for Your Organization

Online Scheduling

Next In Line is a real time scheduling software.  This software not only allows your clients to book online real time, but it also has a waiting list. The waiting list automatically notifies a customer if someone else cancels.

TLC paid for enhancements to this system which benefits all high volume spay/neuter clinics.  The system allows you to set parameters by size of pet AND by the sex.  This allows you to limit the number of large breed female dogs for a day.

Next In Line

Clinic Software

TLC has reviewed over 40 clinic software platforms.  It is a very difficult selection process for high volume spay/neuter clinics due to the way you have to schedule.  We landed on eVetPractice because it interfaces with a 3rd party real time scheduling system with a built in waiting list.  This software saves about 40% of our call volume.  There  are a few bugs in this software, but they are working on correcting them.


Adoption Management

Animal Shelter Manager is an inexpensive software used for tracking your adoption program animals.  It is easily customized.  You can host it yourself or pay a nominal fee to have it hosted for you.  We prefer the cloud services because we have paired it with tablets and cell phones to eliminate paper adoption contracts.

You can track all of your medical, scheduling, we even track our feedings in our kitten nursery!

Animal Shelter Manager

Time and Attendance

Having a great time and attendance system is critical to an organization's director's mental health!  We use TimeForge because it is a robust system that allows us to have multiple locations and employees can punch in and out on a computer or a phone.  They can punch in and out of various departments so costing is very easy.


Phone Systems

After shopping for a phone system and realizing most companies are just used car salesmen, we found a non profit group called TechImpact.  They were the least expensive for VoIP phones.

They also offer some tech support, but we have not used that service.


Discounted Software for Charities

TechSoup offers discounted software to public charities.  You can find discounts on Adobe, Microsoft, antivirus, etc. products.